The Community Review - Out Pigeon Shooting With Daniel Burnapp And His New Chameleon Hide Decoy Kit!

The Community Review - Out Pigeon Shooting With Daniel Burnapp And His New Chameleon Hide Decoy Kit!

About me

I am a chef from Cornwall and I have been shooting since I was knee height to a grasshopper. I’ve always liked guns ever since I was a child, I think it was possibly all the films and TV programs I used to watch and also seeing my cousins shoot their air rifles and now I am hooked!

I mainly target shoot as I like to maintain a tight grouping skill, but I am now beginning to branch out into hunting as I am starting to feel more confident in my shooting ability.

Why did I need a decoying kit?

For a long while now I have been playing with the idea of changing things up a bit. When I go shooting on my permission I always favour the stalking approach, meaning I am always on the move. But after a while as my kit grew bigger and more difficult to carry I often found myself thinking “this would be a hell of a lot easier if i just sat in one position”.

As I do not own any serious camouflage hide netting, poles or pigeon decoys it seemed like buying an affordable but decent little start up kit was an obvious option. This lead me to acquire a Chameleon Hide Decoying Kit, enabling me to go from a stalking approach to a decoying one in one quick purchase.

Chameleon Hide Product Overview:

My first impressions of this kit were very good, once I removed all the packaging it was easy to see straight away that all the items in kit are of a good quality.

The kit included:

  • 4 x Extendable hide poles
  • 1 x Hide bag
  • 1 x 1.5m x 4m Ghost stealth camouflage net
  • 1 x 100L Holdall bag with shoulder strap
  • 10 x Half body flocked pigeon decoys with ground spikes
  • 2 x Full body flocked pigeon decoys with ground spikes

The large duffel type bag does a great job of keeping all things decoy related together, it has ample space to store and carry all the items in the kit but at the same time it also provides space for other times you may wish to bring along with you. In addition, this bag also has arm straps on the outside so you can wear it as a rucksack for easier transport from house to car and car to field.

The kit comes with four sturdy telescopic poles with a handy G shape at the top to grab the loops on the netting, and spikes at the bottom with an small CNC machined steel step fitted to help push the pole into the ground with your foot. The poles also come with a decent zip up carry case that has velcro straps inside it to help keep the poles in order while in storage.

As mentioned the kit also comes with a decent sized camouflage hide net which has five loops sewn onto it at certain positions along the length of the netting. These loops are perfectly placed to attach the hide poles with very little fuss.

The netting is made from nylon material, which is very durable and resistant to snagging. In addition, It is also double sided meaning at the front you will see a camouflage effect but from the back it looks black.

Lastly, the kit also came with the much needed pigeon decoys. In this particular kit, I got ten shell and two full body decoys. Both sets come with there own individual ground stakes and are all decorated to a high standard.

The Field Test:

In all honesty, I have only ever used this kit on two occasions, but I have to say on both times i found it very easy and convenient to do so. All I needed to do was pick up the duffle bag throw it into the back of my car, get to my permission, pick an ideal spot to shoot and with zero practice set the kit up.

The Kit all together is not heavy, so there is no worries about having to slog it all the way from the car if you have a way to travel. I can however be a little cumbersome at times depending on the terrain as the duffel bag is huge.

Once set up and all ensconced behind the netting, I found it did a great job of allowing me to see through it with the naked eye as well as with a set of optics, while still providing a good level of concealment to any would be prey out in the field.

During my first time placing the decoys, I noticed that I only needed to be about 15 - 20 meters away before I could no longer see through the netting which impressed me as I had never done anything like this before and assumed I would need to be out a lot further before that happened.

Unfortunately, on both occasions I arrived at a poor time of day so I never managed to shoot anything, plus I was not aware how best to position my decoys, but have since learnt how to do this, so with a bit of luck next time I shall bag a few pigeons. Regardless, all and all I enjoyed

the experience, as I found it very easy and relaxing to do so and will definitely continue to attend my permissions with this approach in future.

Notes On Setting Up:

After my first attempt, I found the best way to set up is to take all the kit out of the bag and lay it all down on the ground, then take the netting and lay it down long ways parallel roughly to where you want to set up at the edge of the field. From there get two poles, insert them into the ground level with where the loopholes two and four on the netting. Then pick up the netting and attach it to the poles, bring all your gear behind the netting and then start at either end of the netting, pull it back further to the edge of the field closer to the hedge line, creating a concealment from the front as well as the sides.

Then go and place your decoys out in the field while taking care to ensure they will all remain in line with your line of sight once back behind the netting. Remember to account for uneven ground, I only mention this as I live in the west country and there is no such thing as a flat field in most cases.

Then squeeze behind the netting and firstly set up a rifle rest, then your seat and lastly your rifle and all that is left to do is enjoy the day!

Final Points:

I think overall this kit is great value for somebody starting out at decoying and I do not have any negative comments about it, to which anyone who knows me will tell you is highly unusual. There is nothing cheap and nasty about it, and it does a great job of getting you out into the field with minimal fuss or cost which is essentially what it was produced for.

However, the only thing I perhaps would have liked to have seen was a set of instructions on how best to set up the pigeon decoys and maybe a bird calling whistle included into the kit.

I would advise a list of things you may wish to purchase alongside this kit, focusing only on your needs behind the netting and as for the person intending to use the kit with an air rifle:

  1. An extra camouflage net to go over the top of you to give coverage from above and therefore a few extra poles to help do so.
  2. A decent seat / cushion to sit on.
  3. A rifle rest if you don’t have one already.
  4. A tarpaulin ground sheet depending on the weather and field type your in.
  5. Full body camouflage clothing complete with gloves and head gear or alternatively a ghillie suit.
  6. A bird call whistle

Lastly be prepared to cut a hole into the netting to allow your rifle barrel to poke through.

I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone serious about decoying and or hunting, as the kit is great value for money.

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