IYS History

With a good amount of stock and growing ambition we started to think about what should happen next. We realised that the future was about getting out there in the fields, down the gun clubs and seeing what shooting gear was required and then use our expertise in sourcing those products at the best price. We directly import all our goods cutting out on the usual expensive wholesale suppliers.
We were bored of trawling traditional tatty gun shops looking for shooting gear. Fed up of tripping over fishing tackle and dusty boxes we hit the web. We soon discovered there’s very few good sites offering great shooting gear at realistic prices…. – A plan was made.
We knew there had to be a better way, so over the next few months we got the right team onboard to change the way you buy shooting accessories online. We knew we could make a nice site to navigate and use. By creating our own images in-house, we present the products as close to real form as possible.
These are exciting times, we are staking our claim to be ‘The’ place to buy shooting accessories.

2012 our core values are established
During these early days of our start-up, we quickly developed some of our core values:
• To sell great value shooting gear
• To be the trusted place to go for shooting accessories
• To lead the way in low to mid-priced shooting gear
• To be approachable for customer service
• To be dependable in the quality of products we offer
• To be specialist in the key shooting gear you need
• To offer a fresh approach to online sales