300 Bar PCP Compressor

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We  have fully tested these and regularly use them for filling our own cylinders.

These are the UK top spec models featuring automatic cut-off when your desired pressure is reached.

All our compressors are fitted with UK mains plugs.

Comes with full UK back up and we have written our own in-depth easy to follow instructions so you can get up and running quickly.

The compressor will enable you to fill "on gun" cylinders and dive cylinders fitted with "foster" style 8mm connections. 2 stage  compression, it takes just under 4 minutes to fill a 0.45L bottle and 8 minutes to fill a 1L cylinder.

It  will take approximately 40 minutes to fill a 3L cylinder.

***Air Cylinder Not Included***


  • Water and Air cooled

  • Adjustable pressure cut off

  • LCD Temperature display

  • Dimensions: 35cm x 17.5cm x 38.3cm

  • Weight: 17kg

  • Noise  level: 88  decibels

  • Anti Slip Mat