Chameleon Pigeon Shooting Hides - Dual Layer 3D Leaf Brown or Green Hide Net

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Dual Layer 3D Leaf Brown or Green Camouflage Hide Net

This Dual Layer 3D Leaf and stealth netted back shooting and hunting hide offers great authentic cover when pigeon shooting or hunting.

With its leaf shaped cut natural foliage patterned material that incorporates trees, leaves and branches, this hide makes for very convincing camouflage against most backdrops and environments but comes into its own when placed against hedges and woodland. Available in brown and green take advantage of great concealment during the Spring and Summer months using the green leaves variant of this hide or if you need something for the Autumn and Winter months why not try the brown!

Dual Layer 3D Leaf Brown or Green Camouflage Hide Net Product Features:

  • Size: 4m x 1.4m

  • 2 Layer net offers great concealment
    Rip-stop material
    Lightweight, strong and durable

  • Compact for easy storage
    Rip-stop - helps prevent unnecessary tearing

  • Waterproof fabric - will not become heavy and waterlogged

  • Rot and mold resistant

Available in Green or Brown.