Militac Tactical Vest - Eagle Tactical Vests With Molle Straps & Pouches

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Militac tactical vest. The vests have a good range of adjustment and suit up to 48inch chest.

• Lightweight robust frame
• Padded foam plate insert for extra protection from Paintballs or BB's on both your chest and back
• Durable 600D Nylon to suit heavy rigs -reinforced with metal cable
• Adjustable shoulder Velcro straps for best fitment
• Side Velcro straps means you can undo from side for easy on/off
• All pouches are removable and you can configure your rig how you want
Front Vest Features:
• Large pocket with Velcro for patches with utility pouch, suit lock knife, torch, pen etc.
• 7 x Rows of molle straps
• 3 Magazine pouches (Suit 5.56mm round Mags, M4, M16 etc)
Inside Vest :
• Padded foam insert front and rear
• Rescue Loop
Rear vest features: Large utility pouch (20cm x14cm)
• 8 x Rows of molle straps
• Hanging strap for easy storage